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Scott Donaldson

City Council / City of Del Rey Oaks

Making a Difference for Del Rey Oaks



“I admire his selfless and tireless efforts, and city involvement. I'm pleased to endorse and offer my support based on his honesty and character.”

Mike Fitzsimmons

"Since the day I met Scott he had a vision for the city! Scott has EVERYONE’S best interest at heart and will work hard for the city and the people!”

Janelle Ansberry

“What a great opportunity to elect one of our city's greatest proponents and cheerleaders! He really cares about this community.”

Paul Peterlin

“We find Scott to be very affable, open to new ideas, a great listener, and one who acts on viable ideas that will work in the best interest of the residents of DRO.”

Colleen Bettiga

“There is no better person for the job than Scott. I've known him for years, and he is dedicated to this City. I know he will work tirelessly to serve the people.”

Frank Lucido

“With your proven track record of getting good things done, and your thoughtful, open minded and principled character, you will make a highly effective councilmember.”

Matt Wright

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