Meet the Candidates

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Rudy Fischer

Director, MPWMD / District 4

Water For All



Pacific Grove

Joe Amelio City Councilmember • Gary Bales Former City Manager for PG • Marabee Boone Hotel Industry – Past Citizen of the Year (2017) • Jeanne Byrne Incumbent, and Former Mayor - Past Citizen of the year • Mark Chakwin Planning Commissioner • Alan Cohen Former Councilmember • Ken Cuneo Former Councilmember • Bill Fredrickson Planning Commissioner • Steve Gorman Property Manager - Past Citizen of the year • Bill Kampe Former Mayor • Michelle Knight Business Owner - Former MPWMD Board Member • Steve Lilley Retired Hospital Executive – Planning Commissioner • Thom McMahon President, Monterey Bay Laundry, Head of City’s BID • Bruce Obbink Former Planning Comm. - Past Citizen of the Year (2009) • Ron Schenk Former Councilmember - Past Citizen of the Year (2010) • Richard Stillwell Retired businessman – known as “Mr. PG”

Pebble Beach

Peter Newman Homeowner • Tracy and Todd Perkins Homeowners • Joe Rombi Restauranteur


Carrie Theiss City Councilwoman

AND many other residents and local officials.

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