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Alison Kerr

Mayor / Del Rey Oaks

The Right Leader for the Right Time



A partial list includes:

Monterey County New Progressives, Public Water Now • William Monning • Mark Stone • Supervisors Jane Parker and Mary Adams • Mayors Delgado, Oglesby, Peake • Councilmembers Berkley, Haffa, Williamson, McAdams, Campbell, Wizard • Former Council Buckley-Smith, Kaplan, Ventimoglia, Selfridge • Planning Commissioners Kreeger, Wood • MPUSD Trustees Myles, Root Askew • MPC Trustees Green, Anderson • MPWMD Directors Riley, Edwards, Evans, Lewis (former) • Marina Coast Water District Directors Moore, Shriner, Hefferman • Regional Parks Ward 3 Director Raskoff • Local leaders Drs. Roberts, Palumbi, Fernandez.  

Neighbors Stephen Abage, Joe Acayan, Whitney Aguiniga, Nancy Allison, Brooke Bailey, Irene Barlich, Justin Barnes, Gail & Jay Bartow, Beverly & Steve Bean, Ron Beckett, Helen Birdsongs, Ron Blacker, Debbie Blakesley, Irene Branch, Roxane Ezcurra, Nicole & Ryan Bulich, Alexis Bunten, Chris Campbell, Anne & David Canright, Ruth Campos, Miriam Chavez, Gary & Michelle Childs, Ken Chitpanich, Lisa Coburn, Ethan Collings, Raven Cook, Rita Costa-Hollmann, Catherine Crockett ...

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